Manage Globally Shared Scripts in the Squish IDE

Manage Globally Shared Scripts in the Squish IDE

Squish has supported a list of shared script directories that are not bound to a specific test suite since quite a long time already. This however involved setting an environment variable and starting the Squish IDE from a commandline terminal so that the environment variable has an effect on the squishrunner process.

Today we merged the support for a new view into the Squish 4 IDE which handles the list of globally shared scripts nicely. It still supports the existing environment variable (SQUISH_SCRIPT_DIR), by reading it on startup and populating the view with the listed directories. Additionally it also allows to add and remove directories from the list using the GUI. Management of the files and folders in those shared script directories is of course also possible.

Tests executed by the IDE will automatically get the necessary environment variable set so that the findFile() script command will search in the shared script directories. We also added a new menu item to make it easier to setup automated squishrunner execution or just executing it from a commandline terminal in a way that also includes the shared script directories.

So while the environment variable will stay for the squishrunner commandline executable, managing the scripts, editing them and running tests with them will be more convenient. This feature will be part of Squish 4.1 which is going to be released in a couple of months if all goes well.

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