Disable Logging of All But Some Messages

Disable Logging of All But Some Messages


Logging is a useful tool for testing. It can be used for different purposes throughout a test: outputting properties of a GUI object, tracking the current executed step, debugging which particular code path is being followed, and why, and much more. However, tests tend to grow either in length or number to cover more cases, verify bug fixes or other similar use cases, and this can lead to test output containing so much logged data that it can be hard to dissect. Using test.startSection()/endSection() can help to improve the readability, as can the use of testSettings.silentVerifications to some extent, but it would sometimes be preferable to log only certain specific log messages (think about debug for example).

What we propose in this article is an example that demonstrates how to modify Squish functions and in particular test.log() so only some messages get logged. While the snippet is in Python, the same could be done in other supported scripting languages.

An Example

def main():

    # Define alternative log() function:
    def test_log_only_prio1(msg, detail=None, priority=None):
        if priority is None or "PRIO1" not in priority:
        if detail is None:
            test.log_original(msg, detail)
    # Install alternative log() function:
    test.log_original = test.log
    test.log = test_log_only_prio1

    for i in range(10):
        test.log("Before action", priority=["PRIO1"])
        test.log("This is a debug log", priority=["DEBUG"])
        test.log("After action", priority=["PRIO1"])

The test result for this test case will not show any log of what we described as “DEBUG” logging. We could do the opposite and have a function that would log only “DEBUG” messages and so on, based on our needs.

What’s Next

This technique could be used in conjunction with the one presented in this other article in order to have, for example, real-time logging of debug information for long-running tests. We also made the example deliberately simpler by choosing to write which new log function to use, but it is possible to think about having this choice made dynamically based on some environment variable for example so that there is no need to change the test manually.

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