C Code Coverage Analysis

C Code Coverage Analysis

Analyze your C code coverage with Coco – the cross-platform, cross-compiler test coverage tool. Other supported languages are C++, SystemC, C#, Tcl and QML.

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C Code Coverage Analysis

Coco is a multi-language code coverage tool. Automatic source code instrumentation is used to measure test coverage of statements, branches and conditions.

No changes to the application are necessary.

Executing a test suite against an instrumented application produces data that can later be analyzed. This analysis can be used to understand how much of the source code has been hit by tests, which additional tests need to be written, how the test coverage changed over time and more.

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What Others Are Saying About Coco

  • “在复杂的情况下,我用Coco进行覆盖分析。它开箱即用,给我和我的同事留下了非常深刻的印象”
  • “到目前为止,这个工具表现良好。我们对您的工具所拥有的特性也很满意,并且它比它在市场上的竞争产品具有显著的优势。”
    Coco 评估员

Coco Webinar: Code Coverage and Measuring the Impact of a Patch

Watch the recorded webinar to gain insight into your testing coverage. Identify redundant tests, untested or dead code. Identify the impact of a patch on the code and code coverage & your testing.

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