About froglogic

froglogic® was founded in 2003 by Reginald Stadlbauer and Harri Porten with one purpose in mind: To create a best-of-breed cross-platform GUI test automation tool which specifically supported the automation of tests based on the popular cross-platform GUI framework Qt.

With the first release of Squish® GUI Tester, froglogic achieved its initial goal. Thanks to the success of Squish for Qt and to meet customer demand, froglogic extended Squish to support test automation for other GUI toolkits. In the years since the initial release Squish has acquired the ability to support test automation for applications built using Java (Swing/AWT, SWT/Eclipse RCP and JavaFX), native Windows, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Android, QtQuick/QML, Flex and several others, including Web-based applications using AJAX.

Squish has now grown to become one of the market leading and most popular GUI test tools available for supporting platform-specific GUI technologies and cross-platform GUI technologies on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and embedded/mobile platforms.

In 2011 froglogic also extended its product portfolio with Squish Coco, a cross-platform C/C++ and C# code coverage analysis tool.

Mission Statement

froglogic’s initial vision is still valid today: Squish offers the best possible integration for each specific GUI technology it supports, to give our customers tools for creating long-lasting, robust, and reliable automated tests to ensure long-term QA success.

Our Customers

froglogic has clients all over the world in many different industry segments such as Oil & Gas, EDA, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Press & Media, IT, and more. froglogic’s clients range in size from small start-ups to multi-national corporations.

froglogic’s Squish is now used by more than 3,000 companies world-wide. These companies use Squish to automate their GUI tests to improve their quality assurance processes with high quality tests, fast regression detection, better test coverage, and increased application quality.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • We're very happy with Squish, it's a really important tool for us, and the technical support has been excellent.
  • "Squish几乎立刻就可以运行得相当顺利,我们的Android应用程序可以被正确的进行测试。这让我们非常惊讶,因为我们在Squish之前尝试了几种工具,但都没有成功。"
    来自Squish for Android的评估者的评价
  • “Squish是QA在我团队中使用的关键工具之一。请每年更新一次。”
  • "我们一直在对Squish进行更多的评估(可连接的应用程序,多次测试和添加验证点),它对我们的工作非常有用。"
    来自SAAB的评估者对Squish for Java的评价
  • "Froglogic Squish是一个跨平台UI自动化测试工具,它使我们的生活变得更加容易“敏捷”。"
    Global Graphics
  • "在我看来,[Squish for Qt]是一个非常好的测试工具,非常直观和易用。我将它与Qt结合使用,是一个非常不错的体验。"
    来自REC Global的评价