Squish 6.3.2 Update for Java, Android, Windows and Qt 5.10

Squish 6.3.2 Update for Java, Android, Windows and Qt 5.10

Hamburg, Germany (February 9, 2018) – froglogic GmbH shipped maintenance release Squish 6.3.2

Squish 6.3.2 is a maintenance release containing bug-fixes for the Qt, Java, Windows and Android editions of the product. See the following sections for a detailed list of all changes.

Qt Edition

  • Provide pre-built packages for Qt 5.10
  • Added Qt 5.10 support to Embedded SDK and regular source packages.

Java Edition

  • Fixed Java 9 installation detection.
  • Hide object name tooltip in highlightObject function.

Native Windows Edition

  • Fixed an issue with hit testing on WPF controls on high DPI (higher than 192 DPI) systems which may have caused interactions to get recorded on the wrong controls or test playbacks to fail because of some object supposedly being obscured by another object.

Android Edition

  • Improved support for automating WebView controls
  • Try harder with Instrument & Deploy to replace an installed app.

Customers and product evaluators will find the updated set of packages in their download area.

This release is just a minor update targeting a small set of product editions. The next product release Squish 6.4 will again provide features for users of all editions. Like a Scripted-based Object Map.

Harri Porten is of German and Finnish descent and grew up in Germany and Thailand. After high school he studied at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg in Germany, and at the University of Waterloo in Canada; he graduated with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Harri started programming on an Apple II, and soon turned his hobby into a source of income, providing maintenance and consultancy services to local businesses. After discovering Linux, Harri joined the "KDE" project, where he eventually implemented a JavaScript interpreter – this interpreter was adopted for use in KDE's web browser "Konqueror", and is now also used by Apple in its Safari browser, and served as the starting point for WebKit's JavaScript interpreter. Harri began working as a software engineer at Trolltech AS in Oslo in the summer of 2000. During the next three years he oversaw the portability of the Qt GUI toolkit to a wide variety of different compilers and operating systems, including HP-UX and AIX. In addition, he implemented Qt's original SVG support, and was involved in Trolltech's quality assurance process. Harri was also a member of the Qt Script for Applications (QSA) team. Harri co-founded froglogic in 2003.


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