Customer Success Stories

froglogic has customers from all over the world in many different industry segments.

froglogic’s Squish GUI Tester and Squish Coco Code Coverage tools are used in industries such as Oil & Gas, EDA, Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Press & Media, IT, and more.

Our customers range from small start-ups to multi-national corporations.

Currently more than 3000 companies world-wide use froglogic’s tools to automate their GUI tests, measure the tests’ code coverage and overall to improve their quality assurance processes.

Here we list some of our reference customers and some success stories and case studies where you can read why froglogic’s customers chose Squish and Coco, how they use it, and what benefits it has brought them.

What others are saying about Squish

  • "Froglogic Squish is a cross-platform UI automation testing tool that has made our lives so much easier when it comes to being ‘agile’"
    Global Graphics
  • "We did a long search for testing software and as far as I can see we are covering all the testing we can think of using Squish. The fewer tools we need the better and so the potential coverage of Squish is one of its truly excellent features."
    Weatherford Petroleum Consultants (WPC)
  • "Almost immediately Squish runs rather smoothly and our Android app was instrumented correctly. Quite surprised we were, because we tried several tools before Squish and we were not successful."
    Statement from a Squish for Android evaluator
  • “Im Rückblick möchte ich sagen, dass ich während der Evaluierung mit froglogic immer ein gutes Gefühl hatte, da Ihr Stil ständig sehr kundenorientiert, ja sogar richtig partnerschaftlich war. Ich freue mich auf den Einsatz von Squish und die Zusammenarbeit mit Ihnen”
  • “Squish is the best GUI testing tool I’ve worked with. Its runtime performance it great and it has a low ‘barrier’ to get up and running. It feels much more lightweight and flexible than any other tool I’ve used (that includes Ranorex, Silk, and QA Wizard Pro).”
    Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • "All the things went well. I love this tool."
    GE China
  • “Squish软件为我们提供了构建合适的测试序列的工具,并在Squish框架中实现它们进行测试。这样的测试为我们节省了数小时的工作时间,并且让使用数据库系统的人员感到非常沮丧。”
    St. Vincent de Paul Society
  • "Squish的易用性以及可用来减少测试维护的object map是两个关键因素。对多种操作系统和技术的支持——尤其是对Qt和Linux的支持——也是非常重要的。"
  • 我完全能够给出评价,我必须说Squish的使用体验非常棒。尤其是BDD测试脚本和它附带的录制功能。
  • “我们在Squish和Froglogic的支持下获得了非常积极的体验。”
  • "Squish is one of the key software used by QA in my team. Please renew it every year."
    Synopsys India
  • "The quick and responsive support from froglogic makes using Squish a very pleasant experience."
    Nokia India
  • "非常感谢您和您的同事提供的快速优质的服务。这是我认为最贴切的解决方案。"
  • "I've evaluated Squish with our product on Mac. It's more efficient than eggPlant auto that test team is currently using. I've recommend it to auto test team & senior manager."
  • "In my opinion it [Squish for Qt] is a very good testing tool and quite intuitive and easy to use. I was using it in conjunction with Qt and it was very nice experience."
    Evaluator from REC Global
  • "We have been doing some more evaluation of Squish (attachable application, several test and adding verifications) and it works very good for us!"
    Statement from a SAAB evaluator about Squish for Java
  • "我完全能够给出评价,我必须说Squish的使用体验非常棒。尤其是BDD测试脚本和它附带的录制功能。"
    Squish for Web评价者
  • "We were able to evaluate Squish and tool meets all our customer's expectations. More importantly, it was much simpler to learn than expected."