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froglogic expands into the Chinese market

After a great start into 2016, froglogic today announced that it will form a strategic partnership with Apera to build a localized offering of the Squish GUI Tester and Squish Coco Code Coverage tools in the markets of China, Macao, Hongkong and Taiwan.

froglogic Asian Market - Squish & Coco

In these growing markets, Apera will promote and resell the Squish GUI Tester and Squish Coco and provide local, technical support services to their customers.

Squish GUI Tester is the market leading, functional test automation tool for cross-platform and cross-device GUI testing on desktop, embedded, mobile platforms and web browsers.

Squish Coco is the professional, cross-platform C, C++, C# and Tcl code coverage analysis tool.

Both tools are used in more than 3,500 QA and development organizations around the world.

“There is a lot of demand for froglogic’s products in the markets of China, Macao, Hongkong and Taiwan. But we see that there is demand for a local presence and localized support. We are very excited to work with Apera on this opportunity to vastly improve our offering for these markets.” — Reginald Stadlbauer, CEO of froglogic.

“We are excited to partner with froglogic and assist them to achieve their ambitious aims for the Chinese market.” — James Lau, CEO of Apera.

About Apera

Apera is a European and Chinese company with expertise in software tools distribution in both territories. Characterized by technical excellence and with a very strong CSR policy and focus, the company seeks to generate business while at the same time supporting key projects that make a difference in the lives of some of the most disadvantaged in our societies. More about Apera at

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany with additional offices in the USA with over 3,500 customers worldwide. froglogic is famous for its automated testing suite Squish with its flagship product Squish GUI Tester, the market-leading automated testing tool for GUI applications based on Qt, Java AWT/Swing, SWT/RCP and JavaFX, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, Windows MFC, .NET and WPF, iOS Cocoa Touch, Android and for HTML/Ajax/Flex-based web applications running in a variety of web browsers. In addition, froglogic’s offering includes the professional, cross-platform C and C++ Code Coverage tool Squish Coco. More about froglogic at

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