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Going to Akademy, too.

After skipping the two last years I can’t help but attending Akademy again. Our company just released version 4.0* of our test tool Squish so I’m a bit more relaxed when it comes to thinking of hobbies I should have.

Also time to meet up with KDE contributors I still know and time to meet all the new ones in person. I’m also keen on seeing all the new ways to use spare cpu cycles and laptop batteries for impressive eye candy. Plus learning about latest developments from the alive KDEPIM and KOffice front.

Another reason for me going is the love for my mother country Finland. Tampere is just three hours away from the place I stay at almost each summer of my life. To show it I’m skipping the usual “I’m going to Akademy” banner and paste a picture of Lappajärvi which is my favorite of the >187,888 Finnish lakes.

I am particularly looking forward to met Alex who has bravely been running our US customer support base. If you are interested in joining her to run our future office in California please talk to her or me.

* as we know from KDE version 4 can easily mean the square of all trouble caused by the Version 2.0 Syndrome 🙂


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