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Java Forum Stuttgart

Yesterday we attended the Java Forum Stuttgart (JFS), a Java conference organized by the Java User Group Stuttgart e.V. We had a booth there where we presented Squish and I also gave a talk.

Lately we have been to quite a few conferences. The JFS really was one of the best organized conferences we have been to. The attendees were really technical and automated GUI testing was of big interest. We got a lot of interest at our booth so that at times people had to wait while Frerich and I answered questions of other visitors. From the questions we got we could judge that our visitors had seriously thought about automated GUI testing before and real concrete interest.

I also gave a talk which was well attended as well and ended with many interesting and good questions.

I really also need to say a few words about the excellent organization. At my talk I was heartly welcomed, got help with the setup and a moderator introduced me to my audience. At other conferences I have been to, nobody from the origanizers was present at the talks and I as the presenter had to do everything myself which always feels a bit odd.

Also one thing I really appreciated was that there was a separate lunch for exhibitors before the official lunch for the visitors. Why is this so great? During the breaks (coffee, lunch, etc.) people walk the floor and visit the booths. So those are really the times where you HAVE to be at the booth. This means you usually get no chance to eat lunch during the lunch break because you are busy talking to visitors and the catering service removes anything eatable immediately after the break. So it was great to have a good and relaxed lunch for the first time and a conference 🙂

In summary, it was a well-done conference and we’ll surely be there next year again.

Oh, and as it turns out, the taxi drivers in Stuttgart really like to talk a LOT. It was really entertaining but I also enjoyed the silence in the taxi we took back from the airport in Hamburg at the end of the day 🙂

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