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KDE 4 Release Party in Hamburg

Is the Swedish tradition of throwing “used” Christmas trees out of the window on a certain day a real one? That’s what a commercial of the furniture store IKEA wants us to believe at least. I don’t know which day would have been the right one but it was fun either way. Graceful glide from the fourth floor, no pedestrians or cyclists hurt.

To the main topic of this post: The city of Hamburg will join the choir of KDE 4 release parties taking place world-wide later this week. Sven Reumann has organized the local version for Friday, January 18st, 19:00 o’clock at, Straßenbahnring 22. Our new office is nice but the landmarked, refurbished, former streetcar depot occupied by is just impressive. We stick to supporting the culinary aspect.

Everyone with involvement or interest in KDE is heartily invited to join. Use the chance to meet with former, current and future contributors and users of our and other Free Software projects. Knowing the reliability of computer software we also count on being connected live with other places around the world.




please fix the links in your post..


Should be working now. Thanks for the hint. Due to a pilot error rather than the fault of Konqueror 4.0.

The tv ads are exaggerating a bit then – as usual. But January 13th? Coincidentally, I threw it out last night (to save the nerves of the neighbors guarding some plants down there), i.e. that very day! Hope that means luck for the rest of the year. Thanks for the info.

Uhm, you screwed up the date: Its the 18th, not the 1st 😉

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