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"Sold Out" Hanseatic KDE Party

When the car* manned with our delegation of KDE developers paved its way through the dark and rainy streets of Hamburg I was expecting at most 10 guests (including us) to show up at the local branch of the worldwide KDE 4 release party. The place was crowded! The live stream from the California event was displayed on a screen – congrats to everyone involved in setting it up. Unfortunately, the speeches themselves drowned in the the noise of everyone chatting and having a drink or sausage in a bread roll and not exactly standing silent in awe. Had a bit of an art happening to see a babbling crowd of people gathered in the stylish rooms decorated by a live picture of a muted man gestucilating towards the viewers for 2 hours or more.

The number of people showing interest to come after the announcement necessitated the installation of an online registration. Quickly the max capacity was filled up. Many – like myself – learnt about this only in the last minute but were still lucky to end up on the list at the receiption. I later learnt that others were less lucky and could not enter anymore. Sorry to hear that! But the room was really jam-packed. Good news is that after last night a local event organizer has shown great interest in hosting bigger events (like Akademy) in the future.

The groups of attendees was a mix of KDE as well as Gnome developers and users. Provided for many interesting talks including a reunion with aRts author Stefan Westerfeld. Hope to receive some pictures to publish soon. Thanks for everyone who came and demonstrated that the Hanseatic City of Hamburg has a lively Free and Open Source Software scene.


* Public transport is free here tomorrow. An attempt to repeat the car-free Sundays from 1973. Just (still?) voluntary this time.


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