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Squish Product Roadmap: Version 6.1

As members of the Squish user community, we would like to share with you our upcoming features. In Squish 6.1 we are implementing:

New Window Convenience script functions for:
  • Desktop. Implemented as wrapper-independent script functions to maximize, minimize, resize and move windows.
  • Mobile. Implemented as wrapper-independent script functions to change the display orientation.
Visual Testing & Capture Object Snapshot with:
  • A script API to collect, or dump, the current object tree of a window, form, etc.
  • The first implementation of a verification point type to verify entire window based on the object dump. Offering customizable strictness for content, topology, geometry, visual and rendering.
Clipboard access with:
  • Convenience functions allow reading and writing text from and to the system clipboard, respectively.
  • Added support for QtWebEngine (which replaces QtWebKit)
An improved installer with:
  • A modernized look & feel
  • A Start Menu Item entry on Windows
  • An unattended command-line installer option

Watch for follow-up posts to learn more about the upcoming features and examples of working with the new window convenience functions, visual testing & object snapshot capturing.


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