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Squish tip of the week: Determine patch regression risk

What if you could determine the impact of a patch on your application?

  • Do you know which tests, if any, validate the impacted code?
  • How about what code or functions were introduced and and require new tests?

Squish Coco’s Patch Analysis report can tell you that and more


You’ve applied a patch to your application. Now you want to know the potential impact of that patch on the stability of your application.

In the prior version of your product you ran your tests (unit, automated, manual, etc.) against your instrumented application (application built with Squish Coco instrumentation enabled).

Now with the patch applied, simply run a diff on the two application versions, and using the diff result, Squish Coco’s Patch File Analysis report reveals:

  • Source code impacted by the modification
  • Which tests cover the impacted code
  • Source code impacted where no tests exist
  • New source code for which tests are needed
  • and more

Assess the risk for potential regressions – what to retest – where new tests are necessary – the impact on your release plan

Snippets from a Sample Report

Overview Statistics

click to zoom

Source Coverage Details

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More Information

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