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Squish tip of the week: How to run simultaneous tests against multiple devices from a single computer

Did you know Squish can run simultaneous tests from a single driving source or computer?

Imagine you have an emulator and three mobile devices you’d like to execute tests against all at once:

  1. Start one squishserver instance for each target device (or emulator)


  2. Execute one squishrunner command against each target device (or emulator)

    ./squishrunner –testsuite TEST_SUITE_PATH –device TARGET_DEVICE

Yes – that’s it – out of the box – no plug-ins or extras needed!

Click here for further information about Automated Batch Testing


Great question asked: How about from IDE?

You can specify the same options from the IDE, and open multiple instances of the IDE to execute against varying devices.

Keep in mind, this is great for building your test suite, but in a production setting, such tests are often automatically trigged as part of your testing, build or continuous integration process.

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startApplication(, , );
startApplication(:, , );


startApplication(“emulator-5554:com.froglogic.addressbook”, “”, 4333)
startApplication(“AddressBook.class”, “”, 4322);

Hi, I saw your tip to run multiple test from a single computer. I would like to know more about this. I am working in SmartSign Application(Apple Inc, Cupertino). We are using licensed version of squish for our Application. Could you please let me know whether its possible to run two test in iPhone simulator simultaneously from a single machine? If possible please let me know.

How to hook to an android application which is already installed in the device.
Note: apk for the installed app is not available. App is running on the device

    Hello SK.

    Squish for Android requires that the app is “instrumented”, which is something Squish does for you upon installing it on the device for you.

    It should be possible to download the app’s APK file from a device via “adb”. Once that is done, you can use Squish to install it.

    This article seems to cover using “adb” to download an APK from a device:

    If you have any further questions please consider contacting our technical support at

    With best regards

    Clemens Anhuth

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