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Squish tip of the week: Show View Action

Squish provides various views which are not shown all the time to unclutter and tidy up the Squish interface. However, sometimes specific views are needed. So how do you access them?

The easiest way is the so-called “Show View action” which is useful to open a view that isn’t already open.

One way to open a new view is by clicking Window > Show View and to choose from the listed submenu. If the wanted view is not visible, click the “Other…” option to pop up the Show View dialog.

A second way is by pressing Shift+Alt+Q, Q which will open the Show View dialog directly in the pop-up.

The third way – which is similar to the one above – is by pressing Shift+Alt+Q. After a few seconds, a list of Show View commands will show in a small pop-up, and you can choose any of the specified views.

Show View action

Listed views can also be opened directly by using the keyboard shortcut shown beside their names.

What are the views you most interact with?

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