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This blog entry is written from my brand new PC featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo 3800+ CPU, 2GB RAM, 240GB HDD and (drumroll please) Microsoft Vista. As more and more of our customers start using Vista, it became apparent that we need to be able to test Squish and on Microsoft Vista, to see whether recognizing widgets and whatnot still works.

 I didn’t get around to actually trying Squish yet since I’m still aaaahh’ing and ooooohh’ing over all the new fancy effets. I think Rainer (Mac OSX fan) is a bit jealous. I like that!



I am not jealous at all. All the features I have seen are just rip-offs from the Mac 🙂

who got vista?

they need to stablize it first, and also why to transit to Vista ? ??
while XP is more then enough.

My impression is that Vista will become the de-facto standard within the next 6-9 months, so I’m not surprised at all that people start testing whether their software works on the new Windows version as well.

For what it’s worth, I did not mean to imply that more and more of our customers are actually deploying Vista on their desktops for their daily work. When I wrote ‘start using Vista’ I meant that they give it a try and see what incompatibilities show up. If you use Vista, you will quickly notice the ‘This program has known incompatibility issues’ dialog which shows up rather often, whenever you click on some ‘legacy’ application – that’s a bit creepy.

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