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Webinar (Dec 3): Windows GUI Test Automation: MSAA vs True Object-Level Awareness

Are your Windows GUI automated tests restricted to a simple MSAA controls? Unable to automate GUI tests against complex controls or gain access to a complete set of object properties?

Many Windows automated GUI testings tools only provide MSAA-level object access. MSAA, originally created to improve accessibility aid capabilities within Windows applications, provides access to a small portion of Windows UI objects and properties, more specifically those needed for accessibility tools.

True object-level awareness soars beyond the capabilities of MSAA, providing access to both standard and complex objects, custom objects and each object’s complete set of properties, allowing you to accurately test Windows applications with simple, complex and even custom objects.

Join Squish expert, Amanda Burma, and witness the difference between MSAA and True Object-Level Awareness.

Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 10:00 AM Eastern (US) / 7:00 AM Pacific (US) / 15:00 Central European Time
Duration: 30 minutes plus Q & A

In this webinar Amanda will cover:
– General Squish for Windows overview
– The pitfalls of relying on MSAA
– Interacting with Windows application objects, properties & API

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Observe as Squish provides the power and agility to produce an automated GUI testing framework that’s effective today and as your product evolves!

Unable to attend? Register and we’ll send links to future events and access to our webinar archive following the event.

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