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The froglogic web log – short FrogBlog – is officially online as of today.

We have been looking for ways to improve communication with our users for quite some time. A blog seemed like a good choice. We are not exactly a large corporation but keeping each of our users informed about we are working on has already become a challenge. Our development process is also very much demand driven so we invite everyone to make suggestions and provide feedback.

This site is running the WordPress blogging software which appeared to be a good candidate after a little bit of searching. It was very easy to set up. Not as fast as suggested by the The Famous 5-Minute Installation guide but almost. Not much customization has been done on the templates and various settings so far but will surely happen over time.

I see that Frerich has already beaten me with a first post reporting about the experiments has done with post-processing Squish’s XML output. I’m sure each of our users will find it to be an interesting read.

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Very good Idea,
keep up the good work ! 🙂

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