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Yes. We are hiring, too, but…

… not just testers. While our products Squish and Squish Coco are about testing we also need developers! Good ones. Those that are good with C++ mainly. But in the end we can also throw Java, ObjectiveC, C#, Python, JavaScript, Perl, PHP and Tcl in the mix if you want to work on one of the editions of our products.

With Nokia step-by-step retracting from Qt the development scene is going to change. Nokia needs to be applauded for what they’ve done to the product. But Qt has outgrown what a single vendor can provide. Partially, because the needs of its users are so diverse. As part of putting development of the core product and add-ons on more shoulders we are among those companies that are open to hire some more ex-Trolls and Nokians.


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