froglogic is excited to deliver a major release of its multi-language code coverage analysis toolchain, Squish Coco 5. This release offers a built-in Function Profiler which facilitates conducting a performance analysis based on timing data for function calls associated with a group of test executions. The addition of profiling capabilities to Squish Coco’s already advanced analysis features makes it a 3-in-1 tool for code and test coverage assessment. It offers cross-platform, cross-compiler code coverage analysis; it can analyze your source code based on standard and advanced code metrics; and, with the new Function Profiler, it can measure and assess application performance. The latest version also introduces a number of bug fixes and stability improvements for all parts of Coco.

Function Profiler

The new Function Profiler provides data regarding the frequency and duration of function calls associated with your test executions. To optimize code performance, the Function Profiler helps you to zero-in on high function call counts and long procedure times. This data can then be used to inform how you develop your source code moving forward. Should a specific algorithm be refactored? Have I written-in an unnecessary and avoidable performance slowdown? These questions can now be asked and answered.

The profiling extension further supports a holistic performance analysis through an execution comparison feature. With it, you can compare the timing between two product versions, enabling you to quantify performance effects of new code changes rapidly and easily.

We’ve written a separate how-to blog on using the Function Profiler. In it, we cover compiling the application, narrowing down performance issues, identifying problematic functions, rewriting the source code and comparing the new code’s performance to the original version. Take a look here.

Changelog Highlights

Coco 5 brings additional features and code enhancements to all users of the product. Some highlights include:

  • System-wide license server configuration available for easier deployment.
  • Improved integration between the Squish GUI Tester and Squish Coco for multi-platform Qt-based application testing.
  • Instrumentation of multi-threaded QML applications now possible.
  • Support for ARM DS-5 compilers.
  • Annotations support for C# programs.
  • Resolved compilation issues related to ternary operator, noexcept keyword and lambda functions of C++/C# code.

A complete listing of new features, bug fixes and other improvements are available in the Coco 5 Release Notes.

Download & Evaluation

Customers and existing evaluators can find the Coco 5 packages in their download area. New evaluators are welcome to request a free, fully-supported and fully-functional trial.

Release Webinars

We’re hosting a free, live webinar + Q&A on new features in Coco 5. Join us in your preferred time zone:

Upcoming: Qt Virtual Tech Conference

May 12 – 13th, 2020 | Online

A froglogic engineer will give a talk on Squish Coco at the upcoming Qt Virtual Tech Conference. The live, online event hosted by The Qt Company will feature speakers from diverse industries on all topics Qt, from UI design and development to automated Qt-based application testing, and more.

Our talk will focus on using code coverage analysis to enhance product quality, with special considerations for safety-critical software applications. Registration will go live soon — we’ll check back in with more details.

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