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froglogic Announces Automated Web Testing Tool Squish/Web

Hamburg, Germany – 2006-06-22 froglogic GmbH today announced the availability of Squish/Web. Squish/Web is a new edition of the powerful platform-independent testing framework Squish. This new edition features the creation and execution of tests on HTML-based Web and Web 2.0 applications in a variety of Web browsers.

Squish started out as a professional automated GUI testing tool for applications based on different GUI technologies such as Qt, Tk and XView. Squish quickly gained a large user base and became the leading testing tool in the platform-independent GUI testing market.

Last week’s Squish 3.0 release included a new edition that enables testing of HTML-based Web and Web 2.0 applications. Following froglogic’s platform-independent philosophy, Squish/Web can exercise tests in a range of different browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Apple’s Safari and KDE’s Konqueror on different platforms and operating systems.

“Test engineers having to deal with Web applications can now take advantage of Squish’s powerful testing framework that allows to create robust and portable tests. Without modifications, test scripts created for one browser can be executed in other browsers even running on different platforms. This does not only allow to test the correctness of the Web application but also ensures its portability across different browsers and platforms.”, explained Harri Porten, froglogic’s Unix Platform Chief and spare-time browser developer.

Squish offers a versatile testing framework with a choice of popular test scripting languages (Python, JavaScript and Tcl) extended by test-specific functions, open interfaces, add-ons, integrations into test management systems, a powerful productivity enhancing IDE aiding the creation and debugging of tests and a set of command line tools facilitating fully automated test runs.

Similar to pre-existing Squish editions, tests for Web applications can be automatically recorded or written manually. Using Squish Spy, verification and synchronization points can be inserted as easily as in every other edition by visually exploring the structure of a Web application.

Squish/Web is already in use at customers who have already been testing other ports of their application using the respective Squish edition for a while. Now they are able to utilize Squish to test the Web version of their application.

“Squish has proven to be a light and robust solution that can be deployed at a very reasonable cost. For this reason, last year, we chose Squish to test our XView- and Qt-based flagship product Kondor+.”, said Thierry Duchamp, Head of Quality Assurance for Risk at Reuters Financial Software, and adds “we decided to port exactly the same approach and methodology to the rest of our product line: KGR, Web Access and K+TP (Web based). For the test tool part, the new Squish/Web now also offers the ability to test HTML/JS applications. We are already using it and we are today able to reuse scripts and test cases for the tests of the Web based applications. Squish/Web shows the same quality level and features as Squish/Qt and Squish/XView.”

Squish/Web is now available. If you are interested in Squish/Web, or any other Squish edition, please contact For more information, visit or view a Flash demo of Squish/Web at

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany. Their flagship product is Squish, a professional automated test tool for GUI applications based on Qt, Tk or XView and for HTML-based web applications running in different web browsers. froglogic also offers Qt consultancy services and other and Qt-based development tools such as the Tcl/Tk/Qt migration framework Tq. More about froglogic at

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