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froglogic Releases Snapshot of Automated GUI Test Tool Squish Supporting Qt 4.0

Hamburg, Germany – 2005-05-24 froglogic GmbH today released a first snapshot of Squish with support to test applications developed using Trolltech’s Qt 4.0.

Squish is the most advanced GUI test tool to automate testing of Qt applications providing features such as recording and creating test scripts in different scripting languages, running tests locally and remotely, managing regression testing and processing test results. So far testing of applications which were developed using Qt 2.3.x up to the latest Qt 3.x versions on Qt/Desktop and Qt/Embedded platforms was supported.

A while ago froglogic did an initial proof-of-concept implementation of Squish supporting Qt 4.0, the next generation of Trolltech’s Qt GUI toolkit. With the final release of Qt 4.0 approaching, froglogic decided to complete this project and provide a version of Squish supporting Qt 4.0 to customers and evaluators.

“The Qt 4 port of Squish was a big challenge for us – especially supporting Qt 2.x, 3.x and Qt 4 on Windows, Linux/Unix, MacOS X and Qt/Embedded at the same time. But we are quite satisfied now to be able to fully support Qt 4.0 as well.”, said Rainer Schmid, a froglogic Software Engineer who worked on Squish’s Qt 4 port.

The first official Squish release supporting Qt 4.0 will be Squish 2.0 which is expected to be released with many more new features in Q3 2005. Until then, stable Squish 2.0 snapshots with Qt 4 support are available to customers and evaluators to start testing their newly developed or ported Qt 4.0 applications.

“Lately we got many requests from customers and new potential customers who started developing applications using Qt 4.0. So we decided to finish up this port allowing us to release a version supporting Qt 4.0 to our customers and to strengthen Squish’s position as the most used Qt GUI test tool available”, said Reginald Stadlbauer, froglogic’s CEO.


If you would like to try out a Squish snapshot supporting Qt 4.0 or have any questions regarding Squish, please contact us at

More information and an online demo of Squish can be found at

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company offering Qt consultancy services and Qt-based development tools. froglogic was founded by two former Trolltech senior engineers, Reginald Stadlbauer and Harri Porten, who now use their experience and skills to serve the Qt 3rd party market. froglogic is based in Hamburg, Germany. More about froglogic at

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