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froglogic Releases Squish GUI Tester 5.1

Hamburg, Germany – 2014-04-16 froglogic GmbH today announced that Squish 5.1—a new feature release of the popular Squish GUI Tester —is now available.

Squish GUI Tester is the market leading, functional test automation tool for cross-platform and cross-device GUI testing on desktop, embedded and mobile platforms as well as web browsers. With more than 3,000 QA departments around the world benefiting from Squish’s tight integration with each supported GUI technology, teams are creating and executing robust, object-based automated GUI tests.

Squish 5.1 delivers several new features including:

  • Multi-touch Gesture Support now available in the Android, iOS and Qt Squish editions provides automating gesture testing on touch-devices. Gestures can be recorded and replayed from test scripts as well as managed, viewed and edited from the Gesture Editor.

  • The interactive ‘Object Not Found’ debugging tool greatly enhances the user’s ability to troubleshoot “Object Not Found” errors. When replaying tests, test execution can be optionally suspended and display an interactive dialog allowing users to further investigate the issue, select an alternate object, edit the object map and more.

  • New integrations for Bamboo, JIRA, TeamCity and Robot Framework.
  • Full Google Chrome browser support for Web tests (eliminating use of proxy server).
  • QNX and Android added as new target platforms for Qt applications. Achieved through the addition of an optional Embedded SDK which also streamlines builds for embedded Linux and Windows CE.
  • Major improvements to the Python editor used by the Squish IDE, providing more extensive Code Analysis and Code Completion in test scripts. The improved code completion includes functions and modules provided by Squish as well as code completion for functions and classes imported into test scripts using the standard Python import mechanism, often used include shared scripts the editor’s code.
  • Qt 5.2 and Java 8 support added.
  • Eclipse 4 support now available in the Squish Eclipse Integration

“We’re excited to release version 5.1 of our Squish GUI Tester. Squish 5.1 comes with several new features and improvements, for example multi-touch gesture support, a new interactive ‘object not found’ debugging tool, the Atlassian Bamboo and JIRA integrations.”

— Harri Porten, froglogic CTO

Squish GUI Tester supports GUI test automation across several technologies, including the Qt, QML and QtQuick GUI toolkits, Java SWT/Eclipse RCP, Java AWT/Swing, JavaFX, Windows MFC, .NET WindowsForms and WPF, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, iOS Cocoa Touch, Android, and Web/HTML5/AJAX/Flex.

Standing out above other GUI testing tools, Squish gives test engineers the freedom to record and author tests using familiar scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Python, Tcl, and Ruby. With extremely tight integration with each supported GUI technology, Squish gives testers unprecedented access to the application internals (data items, controls, widgets, etc.), enabling the creation of robust and stable GUI tests.

Squish and all the tests created with it, are fully cross-platform and work on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, embedded Linux, iOS, Android and several RTOSes. Learn More

A detailed list of changes since Squish 5.0 is available at

A free and fully supported evaluation version of Squish is available at For further questions please contact

About froglogic

froglogic GmbH is a software company based in Hamburg, Germany with additional offices in the USA with over 3,000 customers world-wide. froglogic is famous for its automated testing suite Squish with its flagship product Squish GUI Tester, the market-leading automated testing tool for GUI applications based on Qt, Java AWT/Swing, SWT/RCP and JavaFX, Mac OS X Carbon/Cocoa, Windows MFC, .NET and WPF, iOS Cocoa Touch, Android and for HTML/Ajax/Flex-based web applications running in a variety of web browsers. In addition, froglogic’s offering includes the professional, cross-platform C and C++ Code Coverage tool Squish Coco. More about froglogic is at

“froglogic” and “Squish” are registered trademarks of froglogic GmbH. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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