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New Maintenance Release: Squish Coco 3.3.2

Hamburg, Germany – 2015-12-08 – froglogic GmbH is pleased to announce a maintenance release of its code coverage tool Squish Coco 3.3.2, a complete C, C++, C# and Tcl code coverage tool chain for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Embedded Systems.

  • C# 6.0: Added support for auto-property initializers.
  • Visual Studio: Availability of an add-in for Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2015.
  • C++11: Support of C++11 shared_ptr template in expressions.
  • Wildcards: The cmcsexeimport and cmmerge tools allow for use of wildcards like *.csexe and *.csmes, respectively, as command line parameters.

See the online documentation for previous release notes.

Customers will find the update available in their download accounts. To get a free and fully supported trial copy of Squish Coco, please fill out this form.

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