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Squish 6.5.2 Release Now Available

We at froglogic GmbH are pleased to deliver a maintenance release of the Squish GUI Tester, the preferred tool for creating automated GUI functional regression and system tests for all desktop, mobile, web and embedded platforms. 

Squish 6.5.2 is a patch release containing bug fixes and stability improvements for all editions of the product. This release introduces support for testing on Android 10 and support for testing applications built with the Qt 5.14 toolkit. The following section highlights some additional enhancements:


  • Added support for testing Qt 5.14 applications.


  • Fixed taking screenshots of Java controls on X11 when the object coordinates are outside the root window.


  • Fixed an issue causing tests to abort unexpectedly while executing visual verifications. 


  • Improved stability of repeatedly attaching to the same Application Under Test.


  • Improved support for accessing properties provided by the Hero framework.


  • Fixed a case of tests aborting unexpectedly when replaying interactions on controls created with the Tix library in Tk applications.

Squish IDE

  • Fixed a problem when adding object names to the object map from the application objects view. Object names using the leftObject property did not get a symbolic name generated for that property.


  • Improved precision for timeout in waitFor functions to avoid returning before the timeout expires.


  • Fixed a build tool crash for embedded packages on newer Linux kernels.


  • Squish packages based on Python 3.8.0 are now available on demand. If you are interested in such a package, please contact support at The next release will offer a choice between Python 2 and Python 3 at installation time. 

This release provides a number of other code improvements and bug fixes. The 6.5.2 Release Notes provides a detailed list of all changes. The upcoming major release Squish 7.0 will offer new features for users of all editions, including a one-click remote control feature which will allow control of remote test systems, enabling you to record and inspect tests on multiple targets easier and faster.

Squish 7.0 will also mark the official launch of Squish Test Center, a new product which acts as a configurable, lightweight test result database which aggregates your GUI tests in one place, for further monitoring, treatment and analysis. You can get your free trial for Squish Test Center already by clicking here.

Download & Evaluation

Customers and existing evaluators can find the Squish 6.5.2 packages in their download area. New evaluators are welcome to request a free, fully-supported and fully-functional trial.

Meet Us At Embedded World

Embedded World, February 25th – 27th, Nuremberg, Germany

We’ll be co-exhibiting our solutions in test automation and code coverage in the embedded market alongside The Qt Company at Embedded World 2020. Let us know if you’ll attend, and if you’d like to schedule a 1-on-1 with someone from our team during the conference. We look forward to meeting you in Nuremberg.

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