The Squish team is happy to announce the release of the Squish GUI Tester version 7.0.1,
the software quality assurance tool for cross-platform GUI application test automation.

The first maintenance release in Squish 7.0 series is coming out 3 months after the major feature release version 7.0.0, and is now available for download.

Several stability, performance, and user experience problems are fixed in this version.
Here are some of the highlights:

Squish for Qt improvements

  • Testing AUTs built with the latest Qt6.3 release is now fully supported
  • Fixed several crashes in RemoteSystem API as well as in nativeType function

Squish for Web improvements

  • Fixed crash in webhook when testing with MS Edge browser

Improvements in Squish IDE

  • Fixed missing platform-specific dependencies in Squish Eclipse IDE integration
    on Windows and macOS
  • Better performance of replaying BDD tests with large example sets

Improvements in squishrunner

  • Resolved hang at the end of test execution with video capture and multiple report
    generators, affecting usage of squishrunner in connection with CI systems (e.g. Jenkins)
  • Fixed crash in JavaScript interpreter triggered by control flow interactions such as

For a detailed list of code fixes and enhancements in all Squish editions, as well as in
Squish source packages, please see Squish 7.0.1 release notes

For users upgrading from previous Squish versions: Beginning with Squish 7.0.0, Squish IDE is no longer included in binary packages for 32-bit platforms. Squish tools can however still be installed on these platforms and their functionality remains unchanged.

Check the up-to-date list of minimum system requirements to see whether Squish can be installed on your platform.

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